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The Preparation
Preparation is a crucial element to consider when beginning of any physical (dancing for example)
Just a boxer has to train vigorously and before a fight, a pianist must practise countless hours to be at his (her) peak, a marathon runner ought to train hard to succeed.
So to, dancers need to prepare their bodies for the dance they will perform as well as the basics rulers of the dance in question.

In order to prepare your body for the dance, we proposed a series of exercises: Begging with movement to increase flexibility, then with drills to promote body isolation and finally to create music awareness through ear training.

Begin your journey of getting in shape through dancing.
A as result you will dancer better,
Look younger
Develop flexibility and vitality in every workout or practice you perform
Either if you are dancing socially for pleasure or for work.
This program is available everyone regardless  age group as well as dancer and non dancers.