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L E V E L   2   Fast and easy
Feeling the exciment of latin dances
Salsa Level 2
                          DVD SALSA VOLUME 2 - Content

21 easy-to-follow turn patterns are nicely crafted into a graceful and beautiful routine.  It begins where Volume 1 ends and smoothly brings you into intermediate variations.

You have already a basic understanding of the Salsa dance steps & rhythm and now you are ready to gain a greater capacity to move from one pattern to the next.
This Volume will enable you to execute more turns, hand switches & directional changes with better balance and more styling.

This DVD teaches you how to dance Salsa step-by-step. It features a variety of hot          salsa steps in a live choreography.

Lessons are taught in english. It is a valuable guide.
Soon you will be dancing with the best.
Choreography only in video file..US 5.99 Download
Breakdown only in video file..... US 6.99 Download
Choreography + Breakdown.....US10.99 Download
All in a digitally mastered DVD - US19.99 + S&H By Mail