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Located in the charismatic city of Montreal, Hot Latin Salsa Dance Studio is home to three innovative and professional dance instructors who are committed to bringing out excellence in their students.

In the midst of Montreal lies a gem of a dance studio dedicated to instructing students of all levels in Latin dancing, from beginners to advance.  Hot Latin Salsa provides a serene and comfortable atmosphere where students can focus on learning salsa lessons that are tailored to fit the needs of individual students.  Group and private lessons are available and educational concepts have been developed to help each student reach his or her full potential.  A focus on detail and mastering each part of the footwork for specific dances has made this dance studio a leading contender in the Latin dancing world.

Hot Latin Salsa was founded by Dance Studio Director, Tony Rausseo.  Tony migrated from the eastern region of Venezuela, studied in France, and has settled down to pass along his passion and his knowledge for Latin dancing to others.  He spent many years formally training and competing before pursuing his true calling of teaching.  Joining Tony are three extremely accomplished and talented women who are passionate about teaching others to love salsa as much as they do.

Kristina Minakova is experienced in teaching children and adults how to perform a variety of performing arts abilities.  In her years with the Russian Circus on Ice, Kristina won the highest performer award for four consecutive years.  This distinguished honor is a tribute to her hard work ethic and her ability to master complicated movements and techniques.

Martin Henrichon brings her personal flair and exciting style to the dance studio.  Combined with her knowledge of salsa, her passion for dancing makes her a vivid and valuable teacher.  Christelle Langree has extensive formal training which gives her exceptional talent as a teacher of salsa and other Latin dances.  Christelle’s teaching ability makes her a favorite among dance students.

To check out what is new with Hot Latin Salsa, swing by the online gallery to stay current with local dance events.  The Art Spectacle will give you unique insight to the vivacious world of Latin salsa dancing as you witness first-hand dance videos filled with passion and flair.  And last but not least, Tony’s blog will keep you informed on the world of Latin dancing in Montreal, as well as his latest adventures and new ideas to keep dance alive and fresh for you.

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