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Salsa Fundamentals -  Your First Step in a world of fun
                       The ABCs OF SALSA DVD  - Content

Basics Salsa Steps and turns      
MUSIC AND RHYTHM - Counting      
BASIC SALSA STEPS AND TURNS - Detail techniques and execution.      
THE BASIC TURN-PATTERNS - Most popular figures on the dance floor                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          This DVD teaches you how to dance step-by-step.

It begins with the most basic salsa steps. This DVD is ideal for those who want to step gently into the salsa world. A world of fun and togetherness.

Lessons are taught in english. This DVD is a valuable guide.

Soon you will be dancing with the best dancers around you.

Abc of salsa
ABCs of Salsa  
Choreography only in video file..US 5.99 Download
Breakdown only in video file..... US 6.99 Download
Choreography + Breakdown.....US 10.99 Download
All in a digitally mastered DVD - US19.99 + S&H By Mail