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Martine Henrichon

Martine is a young and ambition instructor..
A true salsa lover and a very passionate dancer ,  and a performer.
She is also an active member of Hot Latin Salsa and exceptionally versatile dancer with a
tremendous style. These qualities make her a fantastic dancer as well as a performer.
Martine has ballet jazz, ballet classic, dance fitness, mambo and salsa training.
Now, she shares the dance floor and the stage with Tony Rausseo as a dancer as well as an instructor.

Christelle Langrée

Christelle has been dancing the salsa for several years. Since childhood, she's been devoted to gymnastics.
Her high level training and years of practice has led her up to the French championships.
After having acquired a base training in classic, jazz, ballroom and body expression dance, her interest in the Latin culture brought out in her a love for the salsa. Over the past few years, she's been performing professionally in shows with Tony. Her dynamism and her creative personal style make her a charismatic instructor appreciated as much by individual students as by groups classes. 
Tony Rausseo

Originally from the eastern region of Venezuela , Tony has a natural talent for the dance, a teaching approach without equal and a patience and understanding which has won him the respect and the friendship of numerous dancers in Montreal .
At times teacher, dancer, choreographer, Tony has been involved in the Montreal salsa scene since 1997. He has developed a style which is his own, influenced by the latest trends in Caribbean and Latin-American dance. Tony employs a particular manner and attention when addressing his students. He always welcomes them with kindness and enthusiasm when teaching his dance techniques. His teaching methods facilitates the training of the techniques, the variations, the turns, the movements of feet and the swaying walks.
Minakova Kristina Joins Hot Latin Salsa

Hot Latin Salsa is excited to welcome Minakova Kristina to their dynamic dance instructor team.  Her exotic dance training and experience in formal Russian ballet and figure skating will provide an edgy yet beautiful style of instruction for new students desiring to take up salsa lessons.

Kristina takes pride in giving her best to everything that she does and this dedication and commitment to excellence is evident in her ability to teach others to Latin dance.  Kristina has a formal training background in dance, figure skating, and a wide variety of long-term performing arts.  Her agility and nimble capabilities, along with her extensive training, has led to her performing with the Russian Ballet as an ice performer in the exciting and highly-competitive city of Las Vegas.
For students new to learning salsa and other forms of Latin dance, Kristina makes an exceptional coach and dance teacher.  Her ability to teach beginners stems from her previous experience in training for endurance, physical conditioning, and in teaching others to prepare their bodies physically for the energetic and fast-paced movements of salsa dancing.
In the past, Kristina worked diligently training people for figure skating competitions.  Her figure skating experience, combined with her knowledge of physical strength training, and formal dance training make her a highly sought-after dance instructor and coach by both beginners and those wishing to take more advanced lessons.