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In the midst of Montreal lies a gem of a dance studio dedicated to instructing students of all levels in Latin dancing, from beginners to advance.  Hot Latin Salsa provides a serene and comfortable atmosphere where students can focus on learning salsa lessons that are tailored to fit the needs of individual students.  Group and private lessons are available and educational concepts have been developed to help each student reach his or her full potential.  A focus on detail and mastering each part of the footwork for specific dances has made this dance studio a leading contender in the Latin dancing world.
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  With many years of Latin dance experience, competing, and training students tucked under his belt, Tony Rausseo is equipped to help students achieve goals and overcome fears.  Anyone nurturing a dream of dancing will benefit from the professional guidance and instruction provided by this Latin dancing teacher who has an innate and natural talent. 
Setting your own pace and having fun while learning to dance is imperative to becoming a graceful and competent dancer.  It can be frustrating to try to learn while keeping up with a class who seems more accomplished than you are.  Hot Latin Salsa has made it possible for new students to have choices when it comes to learning to dance.  Training dance classes are available in private instruction classes or are able to be downloaded.  Both of these options will provide a setting for the student to learn at a comfortable pace and to have a chance to enjoy and have fun with dancing without feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or intimidated.
Contact Hot Latin Salsa today and ask how you can begin making your dream of dancing come true.
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