Dance Fitness and Body Motion
Course Outline  
Conditioning the body for dancing
- Body Movement
Head Isolation
Move the neck - Left & Right - Up & Down - Around Clock/Anti-clock
3825 Laurier St East., Montreal,  Quebec
Shoulders Isolation
514/376-2368   or   514-376-6034
Pick up & drop Both shoulders. Then one at the time - Back & forward - Around & Shake them off
Rib Cage & Torse Isolation
Ft, Bk then Lt & Rt, - Clock &  Anti-clock wise (Ft, Bk, Lt & Rt) - Circular motion  Left & Right
Side to side stretch, Locking arms twist Ft,Sd Left & right alternating - Ft abs crunches leg lifting.
stretching side to side using oposite arms alternating  front. The stetch exercise for the back
Arm Isolation
a) Side to side  b) Right Arm Up   c) Left Arm Up, Whip & Out. Nuckle to nuckle bringing them up
Crossing Stretch, Tempo blow, Swinging side to side. Circling over head.
Comfortable pair of shoes
CDs with Latin music
Hip Isolation
Put weight on right leg swide the hip to the right. Then the left hip to the left.Bending knees, back
swide hips left then right then side to side. Front thrust. Hips rolls left - right. Island Hip & arm rolls
Fingers and Hands Isolation
Position your fingers as if holding an egg. Creating then small circles using wrists. Bend hands up &
down pretending tapping on a drum.
Course Length
Leg Isolation
Bending knees do up & down action as a pull using hips & arms.
7 weeks - Once a week,
Martial art stretch side to side alternating.  Back leg Stretch using hand suport on the ground.
at a ratio of 1 Hr. Per lesson
Getting on the ball of the feet lift them up & down Then on one foot same exercise.
Pointing with heel the with toe using hand motion up & down.  Rotating anks using fings as well
Toe-Heel toe switch moving arms in & out.  First Jazz - First Clasic positions
Total Stretch
Bending knees  push & lifting up & down torse & arms using ball of feet 1er to Sd, Ft & then Bk.
Every __________________
Inheal & exheal 4 times though the nose. Then same exercise opening the arms.
Participants Required
Martial art breathing - Then shoulder swrinking while holding breath.
10 students are required 
Dance Techniques & Music
Rhythms of Salsa/mambo, Merengue, Bachata, Cha-cha, Cumbia, Lambada, Rumba
The Section Begins
Cardio Routine
Mambo Steps, Side to side, Back to back, Cross over & Front to front, Front over (Using arm motion)
Half a right turn - Half a left turn while kicking.  Right and left turn. Tango  Suzy Q
Walk Left & right - Hip Roll, Cuban Hip Roll, Full Body Roll, Flag
Dynamic Stretching   - Posing using dynamic figures.