Testimonial from Bella, Montreal Italian Community

Two years ago, my parents gave me a birthday present that I will remember
for the rest of my life.

I was finishing up my last year in college and I suppose that they were unsure what to get me for my birthday.  When I drove
home to spend the weekend of my birthday with them, they took me out to eat at my favorite restaurant and then laid an
envelope on the dining table.  When I opened it and saw that my gift was a gift certificate to Latin dancing lessons at Hot Latin
Salsa, I was stunned!

At that time, I had not heard of Hot Latin Salsa before and I had never taken any kind of dancing lessons previously.  However,
the previous summer, I had mentioned to my mom that one of my friends was taking salsa lessons and was really enjoying it. 
When she told me I should sign up for salsa lessons also, I told her I might get around to it one day when I was not so busy with
school and work.  I guess they decided it was time I get busy living and not just working and studying all the time!

When I got back to Montreal after a birthday weekend of visiting my parents, I contacted Hot Latin Salsa by phone and set up
an appointment for my first dancing lesson.  The Dance instructor that I met with was patient with me and explained
everything in a way that I could clearly understand.  I was really surprised how much I enjoyed my dancing lessons! 

I began looking forward to my dancing lesson each week; and now, two years later, I spend my weekends dancing at salsa
clubs in Montreal with friends.  Some friends of mine also signed up for classes after I told them how much I enjoyed my
salsa lessons at Hot Latin Salsa.  If you are searching for a great gift idea for your college aged child or friend, I highly
suggest dance lessons from Hot Latin Salsa!

Belle, Montreal

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About the Author

Copyright 2011 (Tuesday, November 22, 2011) to Bella, Montreal, Quebec. I was born in the Montreal Italian community. I highly recommend dance
lessons from Hot Latin Salsa, Visit their Latin Dance Studio via website at: www.hotlatinsalsa.com.

My Unexpected Birthday Present

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