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Super Hot Latin Salsa Dance deal Merengue Bachata Cha-cha-cha, Ville Lasalle, Verdun, Montreal

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1. Great social activity 
2. Fun and easy to learn 
3. Trained, certified instructors 
4. Improve confidence, poise & fitness
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1111 Lapierre Street, Door #10
LaSalle, Quebec
H8N 2J4
See what students at Hot Latin Salsa have to say:
1. I contacted Hot Latin Salsa by phone and set up an appointment for my first dancing lesson.  The Dance instructor that I met with was patient with me and explained everything in a way that I could clearly understand. I was really surprised how much I enjoyed my dancing lessons! I began looking forward to my dancing lesson each week; and now, two years later, I spend my weekends dancing at salsa clubs in Montreal with friends. Some friends of mine also signed up for classes after I told them how much I enjoyed my salsa lessons at Hot Latin Salsa. If you are searching for a great gift idea for your college aged child or friend, I highly suggest dance lessons from Hot Latin Salsa! - Bell, Hot Latin Salsa Student

2. My wife signed us up for salsa dancing and I was truly skeptical. How would a big hockey  player like me look on a dance floor? I learned to dance at a slow pace, my wife and the instructor were very patient with me. After the first month of classes, I picked up the pace of my dance movements gradually and begin to have more confidence in myself. The salsa classes turned out to be just the thing I needed and a year later, my wife and I are still dancing together. - Sean, Hot Latin Salsa Student

3. We signed up for one of the group lessons and we even met some new friends at the classes.  Not only were we enjoying spending time together, we also came to really love dancing.  We have been taking salsa classes for six months now. We purchased the DVDs that are available through Hot Latin Salsa’s website and our husbands will occasionally dance with us at home.  We are really looking forward to New Year’s Eve this year when my sister and I and our husbands are going out salsa dancing together! - Rebecca, Hot Latin Salsa Student

4. I signed up for salsa classes at Hot Latin Salsa so I could incorporate regular exercise into my schedule. Once I began to learn to dance, I soon began encouraging my friends to sign up for classes also so we could go dancing at the salsa clubs together. With my new salsa moves and my new and improved youthful appearance, I felt better than I had in over ten years! The exercise I gained from dancing helped to firm and tone my body. Now, I enjoy putting on a sexy dress and high heels and hitting the salsa clubs with my friends. They were so astounded my fountain of youth appearance that they are now following the same routine I am and they have also discovered amazing results in turning back the clock! - Sarah, Hot Latin Salsa Student
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Dance Classes, Including Salsa, Merengue, Bachata and Cha-Cha at Hot Latin Salsa
$60 for 16 Dance Classes, Including Salsa, Merengue, Bachata and Cha-Cha at Hot Latin Salsa ($240 Value)
Group classes, Hot Latin Salsa Dance Studio
Rampant like wildfire and just as hot, southern rhythms and styles have been spreading all over the globe, bringing people a sizzling and tempting taste of new dancing, fitness and entertainment. Latin dancing has become the premier choice of people around the world with its non-stop, upbeat tempo and its uniquely feisty dance movements. There’s nothing that will get you out of your chair and onto your feet quite so effortlessly or intoxicatingly, so check out this package of lessons offered by the folks at Hot Latin Salsa.

Whether you know a few steps or none at all, their talented instructors will make sure that you’re burning up the floor with your spicy steps and shimmies in no time. This most vibrant of dances is guaranteed to keep anyone healthy, confident, seductive and moving peacefully long into the night.

Hot Latin Salsa