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                           Testimonial by: Sean - Sport's therapist from Montreal

I have always loved to play hockey. Not Dancing!

I have played it since my elementary years and the physical contact sport had always kept me in great shape.  I continued
playing hockey  throughout high school and college, and then I played on a community men’s team once I settled down to raise
a family and work at my career as a sport’s therapist.

When I turned forty, I injured my knee severely in a hockey  game and I was unable to walk without crutches for several months. 
The cartilage surrounding my knee was torn and would take considerable time to heal.  As a sport’s physical therapist, I
knew the importance of slowly working in mild forms of exercise that would strengthen the tissue and let it slowly begin to heal
and rebuild.

My wife signed us up for salsa dancing and I was truly skeptical.  How would a big hockey  player like me look on a dance
floor?  However, she was insistent that it would not only give me the mild workout my knee needed, but that it would also give
us something to do together while I was off work and healing from my injury.  We began our classes in October of last year.  I
guess you could say I took “baby steps” with the classes.  I was very tentative about the twists and turns and wondered if it
would not be too much for my knee.

I learned to dance at a slow pace, my wife and the instructor were very patient with me.  After the first month of classes, I could
notice an improvement in the mobility of my knee and I picked up the pace of my dance movements gradually and begin to
have more confidence in myself.  Though I had to pay careful attention and wear a knee brace, the salsa classes turned out to
be just the thing I needed and a year later, my wife and I are still dancing together.

Sean, Montreal

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Sean From Montreal, sport therapist. All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2011 (Friday, October 14, 2011) I have always loved to play hockey . Not Dancing, sport injury,
however, got me into salsa dancing. I am a Hot Latin Salsa student. What is this world coming to? LOL,  Visit their Latin Salsa Dance Studio website at: and begin preparing your body for dancing.

I Recovered From a Sports Injury by Salsa Dancing

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