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My Name is Debra. I was born in Salt Lake City Utah.

I was beginning to grow concerned for my senior citizen parents about the third year after they both retired.  My dad had
worked as an account executive for almost forty years for a successful engineering firm and my mom had worked as a college
librarian for twenty-five years when they both retired.  They have three kids, me and my two brothers and lots of grandchildren. 
However, none of us live very close geographically to my parents and we were beginning to sense that they were growing restless
and bored as time passed after their retiring.

I looked up salsa dancing in the Montreal area and found Hot Latin Salsa online.  As I browsed through their website, I was
impressed with the experience that the dance instructors have and at the variety of classes that Hot Latin Salsa offers.  I sent my
parents an email with a link to the Hot Latin Salsa website and I suggested maybe they should consider signing up for a salsa
I did not have much hope that they would take it seriously.  They have always loved to dance, but neither of them had ever Latin
danced before.  They surprised me and signed up for group lessons offered by Hot Latin Salsa.  They signed up for a month’s worth of
classes as a way to try it out and then found that they loved it.
They were able to get a mild form of exercise through dancing which they found gave them more energy throughout the week. 
However, what they loved most about it was the social activity they were able to get from the group classes.  It has been a year since
they signed up for lessons and now they are dancing socially two or three times a month and loving it!

Debra, Salt Lake City, UT

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Copyrighted  Saturday 19 , November 2011 to Debra, Salt Lake City, UT. Salsa dancing for senior citizen after retirement is a great physical activity to consider.

My Parents Took Up Salsa Dancing in Their Retirement Years