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Testimonial by Claire, Montreal

I Love Dressing up for Salsa Dancing!

At my salsa classes and at the dance clubs.

I had never been overly concerned about how my outward appearance looked.  I have always been studious, and focused on
books and learning, even as a young girl.  Throughout adolescent and college years, my friends were always very fussy with
their hair, clothes, handbags, and shoes, and I was happy to wander around campus in my sweatpants and with my hair in a
messy pile on top of my head.

Six months ago, my best friend and I enrolled in salsa classes at Hot Latin Salsa Dance Studio and suddenly, it became
impossible for me to ignore my appearance.  As we began to learn how to salsa dance, of course we wanted to go to salsa
clubs here in Montreal and show off our new moves.  However, I had never been one to pay attention to my appearance so I
had no clothes to wear out dancing!

My friend and salsa buddy, Kelly, took me out shopping and we selected a couple of knee-length skirts with a flowing hem and
soft fabric.  I picked out a beautiful, sleeveless top and some matching high heels and Kelly applied my makeup and fixed my
hair for me before we hit the clubs.  When she was finished, I looked in the mirror and could not believe the transformation I had

I loved the look in the mirror of myself!  I had always been mousy and a homebody and never cared how I looked.  But now
that I saw how beautiful I could be in my salsa dancing clothes, I know I will always love dressing up to go
dancing!  My friend and I now really enjoy getting dressed up to go out salsa dancing.  I love putting on high heels and bright
red lipstick and dancing the night away.

Claire, Montreal

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Copyrighted  saturday 19 , Novembre 2011 to Claire, Hot Latin Salsa students. I encourage you and your buddies to download salsa classes.


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