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2036 Lapierre street LaSalle, QC
H8N 1X7
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Rampant like wildfire and just as hot, Latin rhythms and styles have been spreading all over the globe, bringing people a sizzling and tempting taste of new dancing, fitness and entertainment. Latin dancing has become the premier choice of people around the world with its non-stop, steady and upbeat tempo and its unique and feisty dance movements. There is nothing that will get you out of your chair and onto your feet quite so effortlessly or intoxicatingly.

There is no better time to become a regular at Hot Latin Salsa - Montreal’s esteemed dance academy, . Whether you know a few steps or none at all, their talented instructors will make sure that you are burning up the dance floor with your spicy steps and shakes in no time. This most vibrant of dances is guaranteed to keep anyone healthy, confident, seductive and moving long into the night.
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It is rampant like wildfire, spreading over the globe, bringing people a new perspective on dancing, fitness, and entertainment. Latin dancing has become the premier choice of dance fitness and dance enjoyment for people around the world. With the non-stop, steady and upbeat tempo of these unique and feisty dance movements, Latin dancing is getting people out of their chairs and on their feet. Who knew exercise could be so fun? Beginners need not be intimidated in the process of learning the variety of Latin dances; Hot Latin Salsa Dance studio offers a helpful and affordable array of options for people of all dance levels, from beginners to intermediate to advance.Check out our website today and explore the various routes to uncovering the Latin vibe within you. This sexy and vibrant form of dance will keep your body moving long into the night as you begin to learn the intricate and sassy techniques of the Latin dance world. -  Read more about Salsa Dance Classes Hot Latin Courses
package deal instructions
Montreal Lessons Salsa Courses Ville lasalle

Buy Salsa Dance Classes and Hot Latin Courses for 20 bucks

Package includes 8 weeks salsa, group dance classes at Hot Latin Salsa. Valid for BEGINNERS and Intermediate, group salsa dance classes. Cannot be used with other offers.


2036 Lapierre Street, LaSalle, QC., H8N 1S1
Lessons are scheduled every Saturday INSCRIVEZ-VOUS

Courses are given on all-year round
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Including Salsa, Merengue, Bachata and Cha-Cha at Hot Latin Salsa

Courses are given during the days of the week & weekends
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Buy a $20 worth of $200 of Dance lessons
Register for 16 hours Latin Dances for $20
$25.00 Registration for 18 hours of Dance lessons 
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