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                     Testimonial From :Mariah, Montreal, Quebec

I Kept in Shape during Pregnancy by Walking and
Taking Salsa Lessons

With my first two pregnancies, I put on over eighty pounds per kid during the process !

After I had the baby each time, I could not believe how much weight that I had to lose.  Being pregnant to me was similar to
having a license to eat, and I really over-indulged myself in the foods I consumed.  What can I say?  I was hungry for

Six months ago, I had my third child and I did something different for this last pregnancy and it made all the difference in the
world.  I signed up for Latin dance lessons and throughout the pregnancy; I would take one private class and one group
class each week.  This really kept my spirits lifted and it also helped me to stay in shape and not pack on so much weight.

I really did not cut back on anything that I ate during this last pregnancy, but the Latin dance lessons motivated to get active
when I was not taking dance classes.  On the days that I did not have dance lessons, I walked one mile each day. 
Between walking and taking salsa and Merengue classes, I not felt sexy, but I looked sexy during my pregnancy!

I did not have to cut back on one single donut or slice of pizza; I simply increased exercise and activity.  This additional
exercise also made the actual labor process go much smoother.  My doctor was not entirely pleased with how much I had been
eating, but he was greatly encouraged by the exercise I was getting through walking and taking salsa lessons.

It has been six months since I had my third baby and I am still dancing in group salsa classes once a week.  Sometimes, I take
my baby with me and sometimes I go by myself to get some fun time away from the family.  Dancing really helped me keep
many pounds off during the pregnancy and also helped me to quickly regain my shape after I had the baby!

Mariah, Montreal

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