Montreal Salsa courses
Date 01.2011

We concentrate our effort on teaching private Dance Classes, Salsa lessons. We propose instructional DVD dance Videos as complimentary means to accelerating your learning. NO TIME WASTED..
Date 08.2011

Hot Latin Salsa offers private, semi-private and group courses adapted to your needs and to your dance level. Our unique lessons and classes, available on DVD and Video, contain the most complete collection of SALSA, MERENGUE, BACHATA & CHA-CHA and DANCE FITNESS..

Our philosophy is to share with the world our passion for the Latin dances. We convey this form of art with respect, love and joy. Our ultimate goal is to have fun, gain poise, confidence, improve personality and make new friends. We make everyone aware that dancing is a great way to keep in shape while having fun..
Teach yourselves salsa Dancing fast and easy at the comfort of your own home. Download your salsa DVD now.
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