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By Harold Tompsom
Mixing Business and Dancing
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Harold Tompson out of Kansas City, Copy righted (Wednesday 30,  November 2011) I am a successful Business Man and a believer that Salsa Lessons Online from Hot Latin Salsa will help relieve stress with their Dance Tutorial DVDs. Visit their Salsa website and find out that You can too mix business and dancing.
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You have probably heard it said that one should not mix business and pleasure; I fully disagree now that I have found out how much of a stress reliever it can be to salsa dance while I am away on business trips!  Three years ago, I found myself at the short end of a rope when I was burning the candle at both ends.  My life consisted of working almost fifty hours a week and the remaining time trying to pay bills and keep up on household chores and maintenance.


Life can quickly get stressful and when I ended up in the emergency room of a hospital with a near heart attack, I had finally come face-to-face with the fact that I had let business and work rule my life to such an extent that it was about to end my life.  That is when I began taking salsa lessons online.  I simply downloaded some dance tutorial DVDs through Hot Latin Salsa’s website and I began learning to dance at home.

You might think this is a silly thing for a forty-five year old man to do.  But I am single and I was under doctor’s orders to fight the stress that had taken over my life.  My doctor realized that while I still had to work for a living, I needed a physical outlet that would allow me to enjoy myself and to relieve stress in my life.

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Since those days of taking salsa lessons online, I now visit the salsa clubs out of town when I am on business trips.  I find that the dancing and the social interaction is a great way to leave work at work and to enjoy myself when I am out of meetings.  The exercise has allowed me to shed a few pounds and I enjoy my business trips now that I have added dancing into the schedule after the meetings.

Harold Tompsom, Kansas City

Salsa dancing is great stress reliever

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