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We teach diverse styles at different levels

L.A. On 1, New York ON 2, Puerto Rican, Cuban and Montreal Salsa


Recommended material, Methods used and course outline for Hot Latin Salsa Dance Studio
diverse styles at different levels are thought
A pair of comfortable shoes (avoid  rubber soles).
- A Latin music CD (as a practice tool) and an instructional SALSA DVD/Video with routines and exercises.

1. Simple or complex demonstrations depending upon the level taught.
2. Fun games and group techniques.
3. Review of material covered in previous lessons.

Ultimate Goal: Prepare you body for salsa.Achievement of students' full potential.
1. Warm-up - Prepare your body for dancing
2. Dance Techniques - Body Motion of head, shoulders, arms, ribcage and hips
3. Body Conditioning - Special exercises designed to develop strength and vitality for dancing.
4. Footwork - To increase agility and improve rhythm.
5. Review & Monitor Progress - Review material covered.
6. Learning the Basic Steps - Getting ready for more advanced steps and development of Independence.
7. Fundamental Figures and Simple Variations - Getting familiar with the follow and lead techniques.
8. Ear Training Program - Getting used to listening to Latin music (rhythm, timing, tempo.
L.A. On 1
New York ON 2
Puerto Rican, Cuban
Montreal Salsa

Beginner Level
- Private and semi-private dance lessons
- A dance program tailored to your needs
- A personalized video/DVD:  A breakthrough learning concept - every salsa step is digitally recorded onto video or DVD, allowing you to review your steps at any point in time.

Intermediate Level
Dance lessons for all levels
- Personal evaluation
- Warm and relaxed atmosphere

No time is wasted, effective learning using visual aid. instructional Salsa DVD/Video. Students at home use this tool as a reference to review their moves and steps. They are never behind and always up-to-date.

Advanced Level
- Improving and perfecting FOOTWORK
- Lady and man styling
You will be dancing Salsa like a star in a very short     time.
Beginner, Intermediated and advanced level
Los Angeles On 1,New York ON 2, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Montreal Salsa
We offer hot Latin Salsa lessons private, semi-private and group courses adapted to your needs and to your dance level Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
Learn diverse Salsa styles at different levels, Los Angeles On 1,New York ON 2, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Montreal Salsa at the comfort of your own home.