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                     Testimonial from: Hannah, Lansing, MI

A year and a half ago, I was twenty-five years old and I weighed 240 pounds.

In my high school years, I had begun to eat fast food and this became an eating style for me that would follow me for the next
ten years of my life.  As you can imagine, being twenty-five years old and weighing 240 pounds is anything but fun.

When I bought yet another pair of jeans that seemed almost as wide as a small car when I held them up, I finally made the
decision that I was no longer going to live like this.  I did not care what I had to do to begin losing weight, but I was going to
make it happen.  Even though I had a lot of feelings of hopelessness and despair, I also realized that I was still young enough
and should be able to lose weight fairly easily if I put my mind to it.

I consulted with a physician and he set me up on a weekly menu schedule.  I had to count calories and I also had to get regular
cardio exercise into my weekly routine, several times a week.  I had a friend who was taking salsa lessons and though I
was too self-conscious to join her in the actual classes at first, I did borrow her salsa dance DVDs and I began practicing
salsa at home.

I found that I really enjoyed it and with my new diet and my new exercise routine of salsa dancing at home and swimming on
weekends, the weight began to quickly fall away.  After six months of practicing Latin dancing at home using the dance
DVDs, I finally felt confident enough with my body and I joined my friend in taking salsa classes.  I loved it and I am
still dancing today!  Just 18 months after I began my lifestyle change, I am almost 100 pounds lighter and I feel fantastic!

Hannah, Lansing, MI

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Latin Dancing Helped Me to Lose Almost 100 Pounds!

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