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L E V E L   5   Aiming High
Symply Sophisticacted -  Advanced level
                          DVD SALSA VOLUME 5 - Content

This simply sophisticated salsa dancing volume 5 is the ambitious dancers dream. It is clearly evident that a void is being filled by the techniques used on this DVD.
This volume exploits the double turns and spins extensively with style.  One will learn to navigate from one turn pattern to the next with ease and confidence while displaying elegance and joy.

Volume 5 DVD, will demonstrate techniques that will make an indelible mark in everyone that sees you dance. It is a must to have for your DVD collection.

Lessons are taught in english. It is a valuable guide.

You are already dancing with the best dancers around you.

Choreography only in video file..US 6.99 Download
Breakdown only in video file..... US 7.99 Download
Choreography + Breakdown.....US12.99 Download
All in a digitally mastered DVD - US24.99 + S&H By Mail