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          This special collection contains 6  levels in only one DVD

L E V E L 1 - Fundamental of salsa - fast and easy. It retails for $us24.99
L E V E L 2 - Feeling the excitement of Latin dances.  It retails for $us24.99
L E V E L 3 - The salsa seduction dvd - intermediate level. It retails for us24.99
L E V E L 4 - Exquisite salsa blend styles - Intermediate advanced level                                                          
                             It retails $us29.99        
L E V E L 5Simply sophisticated - advanced level.  Aiming High!
                      It retails $us29.99
ABCs OF SALSA -The basics of salsa dancing. It retails for $us19.99
- Shines and  transitional dancing.

This program teaches you how to dance via the use of videos with step-by-step instructions. The program begins with the basic steps and then gradually takes you through more advanced and sophisticated moves. Lessons are provided in English.
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US$69.99 + S&H
All five levels (1-5) + ABCs + Footwork
All in a digitally mastered DVD - US69.99 + 10.00 S&H By Mail Only