Salsa Dancing and Frequently Asked Questions

If you are like many people new to taking dance classes, you probably have numerous questions running
through your mind about what to expect.  Let us help you to overcome your hesitations and reservations so
that you can begin pursuing salsa dancing as a lifelong passion.  We have included a list of frequently asked
questions and it is our hope that these will help to answer any concerns or curiosities you may have about taking
dance lessons. 

What is the price of a dance lesson?

Dance lessons will range from $5.00 to $120.00.  Yes, this is a very wide range.  We offer something for
everyone and are willing to do what it takes to meet the needs of each person desiring to take lessons.  The
prices are dependent upon what type of package you purchase, if you are signing up for private lessons or group
lessons.  Online instructional dance videos offering comprehensive DVD tutorials can be downloaded for about
$5.00 per lesson or free from YouTube.

How long will it take me to learn to salsa dance?

Like anything, salsa dancing requires practice to master it.  The old adage “practice makes perfect” is certainly
true in the case of learning to dance.  The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.  Realistically, you can
learn the basic movements of salsa dancing in just the first few lessons.  The following lessons can teach you
how to listen to the music, move with grace and precision and to stay on time to the music.  The more
comfortable you become dancing salsa, the more fluid and natural your dancing abilities will be.

I am a senior citizen.  Am I too old to begin salsa dancing lessons?

No!  Even better, beginning at this time in your life will increase your physical health, increase your desire to be
active, and will also give you a new hobby to embrace passionately.  Many seniors have discovered that after
retirement they grow bored with nothing to do.  Taking salsa lessons is a great way to fight the boredom and to
stay fit and healthy while learning something new.  You are as capable of taking dance lessons now as you ever
have been!

Would I be able to learn to dance from home?

Absolutely!  While we recommend taking private or group lessons whenever possible, we also know that it is not
always possible for everyone to do this.  You may not be in the right geographical location to have access to
studio lessons or perhaps your work or family schedule is too hectic for you to get away to take salsa lessons. 
Downloading video tutorials will give you an opportunity to take salsa lessons right from the comfort of your own
home and you can practice as often as you wish.

How can I convince my husband to take salsa lessons with me?

Salsa lessons are a great gift for married couples to give to one another for anniversary or Christmas presents. 
Any gift that will provide you with an avenue to spend time together romantically and intimately that allow you
to be physically interactive will stimulate the marriage and the attraction and emotions the couple has for one
another.  Ask your husband to give it a try and be understanding of his hesitation.  Chances are, if you are
supportive and encouraging while letting him know it is important to you, he will be more inclined to participate
in the lessons with you.

What happens if I don’t have a partner?

Show up anyway and get busy learning!  You can still take salsa lessons in a studio or at home through tutorial
DVDs without a partner.  Once you obtain a partner, you will be able to dance together with more confidence
and more capability.

What is the difference between private lessons and group lessons?

Private lessons consist of you and a dance instructor spending time one-on-one.  Private lessons are typically
more expensive but you also learn at a quicker pace.  Group lessons are where you attend classes and a group of
people learn together.  If you are looking for a way to meet new people through dance classes and want to
discover if salsa dancing is for you, this may be the route you choose to begin with.

I have two left feet, can I still learn to salsa?

Yes!  Some people who are naturally gifted at dancing may progress quicker than someone who has struggled
with dancing.  However, anyone with the right lessons and who is willing to practice can learn to salsa dance. 
The more you practice, the more accomplished of a dancer you will become.

I am blind.  Can I learn the Latin dances?

Of course!  Blind people can play music, dance, and do many other things both as hobbies and professionally. 
Dancing is a great way for a blind person to be active and to engage in a pastime which allows him or her to be

Why is it important to learn how to dance and what are the benefits

to it?

Too many benefits to name!  Dancing will help keep you off the sofa and out on the floor being active.  It will
help to keep you physically in shape and will provide you with a new skill and a new hobby.  It is also a good
opportunity to meet people or to become more intimate with your spouse.

I have heard that dancing will help me to shed pounds

and go down in dress sizes.  Is this true?

Dancing is one of the most recommended ways to lose weight and to get in shape.  Latin dances such as salsa
are especially helpful for people who are trying to shed some unwanted pounds.  The movements of the dance
are upbeat and consistent and provide you with a great cardio workout while also working to tone and
strengthen muscles which provide the body with more shape and more definition.

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