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I work at an advertising office. Ten of us workers at my company decided to hold a “biggest loser” contest. The purpose was, to see who could lose the most amount of weight in three months.  We each put in twenty dollars into a betting pool. The winner would get the money at the end of the three months.

I was approximately thirty pounds overweight. I was tired of my clothes fitting tight and uncomfortably. So this is why I signed up to compete in the office contest.  I downloaded some videos from Hot Latin Salsa’s website and I began practicing salsa dancing at home.  I have never been very good about exercising on a regular basis because I always get bored and lose motivation to exercise.

Salsa dancing at home was something I was able to stick to.  Learning to dance at home to the tutorial DVDs helped me to learn how to salsa dance. These videos also kept me active on a regular basis!  In the beginning, for the first few at-home dance lessons, I fumbled trying to match my steps to the dance instructor’s steps on the DVD.  Eventually, I became familiar with the steps and moves of salsa. Soon, I was getting a regular cardio workout.

I danced to the DVDs at home five times a week, for thirty-five minutes per workout.  I also began replacing my regular lunch of soup or pasta with salad and cold cut vegetables. By the end of the third month, I had lost a little over twenty pounds!  I did not win the office “biggest loser” competition because my co-workers were competitive, but I did find a figure that I had not had for years. I also learned how to Latin dance. I loved this experience. I love the way I look and feel now!

Cynthia, San Diego, CA
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Copyrighted  Saturday 19 , November 2011 to Cynthia, San Diego, CA.  I am a proud student of Hot Latin Salsa. I encourage you to learn how to Latin dance.  Download salsa DVD courses and dance off some extra pounds.
Testimonial by:Cynthia, San Diego, CA
How I Danced Off Twenty Extra Pounds!

Cynthia is my Name. I come from San Diego California.

Do you know those office weight loss contests that many businesses have?

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