ABC of Salsa dancing
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salsa fundamentals
Copyrighted 2010 to - ABC salsa fundamentals is your first step in a world of fun. Find ground rules and
nitty-gritties of Latin Dances on this instructional DVD such as basic salsa dance steps turns and Latin music rythm.
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In thess DVDs, you will find all the dance steps tought in class.
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Basic Salsa Steps and turns      
MUSIC AND RHYTHM - Counting      
BASIC SALSA STEPS AND TURNS - Detail techniques and execution.      

THE BASIC TURN-PATTERNS -  popular figures on the dance floor                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

This DVD teaches you the basics and the set the foundations to make you a good dancer. Instructions are given step-by-step.

It begins with the most basic salsa steps. This DVD is ideal for those who want to step gently into the salsa world. A world of fun and togetherness.
Lessons are taught in English.
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ABC salsa fundamentals

Your First Step in a world of fun ground rules and nitty-gritties  
The following elements of salsa are exhibited in the ABC’S of Salsa DVD.

·Getting familiar with the rhythm (This includes clapping on the spot and familiarizing your body to the rhythm)
·Dancing on the spot
·Mambo basic step
·Side to side step
· Back step
· Right turn
·Left turn
·Half a left turn
·Half a right turn
·Cross body lead
·Man leading a lady to a cross body lead
·Half a left turn and half a right turn combined
In entirety, the ABC’S of Salsa also covers the following:

·Four basic steps
·Cross-over step
·Lady and Man cross body lead steps
·Back-back step
·Lady and Man left and right turn

More detail on this Salsa DVD Course